Testimonies from Students

  • For almost my entire life I have had many, many troubles. I ended up losing my faith in God and making myself believe that prayer didn’t work. I’ve been through business with gangs, drugs, alcohol, rape, major depression from loss of many friends due to gang violence or suicide. I would pop any pill I could get my hands on,and I would cut a lot. Last year I went to this camp and I loved it, but I wasn’t really as focused on God as I should have been. This year, all throughout camp I prayed and prayed and a lot of people came up to me telling me things that God told them they needed to say. I’ve never shared my testimony because I was scared of how people would look at me afterwards, but at camp people came up to me telling me that God still loves me, all of my scars are beautiful inside and out, and I should not be scared of being defined by my past. My testimony could show people how God can change their life and make it better. Every night at camp I tried to surrender to God, but I had many nails that I needed to take out. The last night of camp I finally surrendered my all and I told God that I was tired of running. I didn’t want to run from Him anymore and I realized how much I need Him in my life. That night I had an encounter with God. It felt amazing, like every burden was lifted off my shoulders. I could barely sit up but once I was able to get up all I could do was sing and dance! I don’t believe I have ever smiled so much in my life! This year at camp changed my life and now I want to continue to let God work through me and try to reach other kids. . . . kids like I use to be. Kids that everyone says are unreachable. But I am a living example of how it doesn’t matter where you come from or what you’ve been through. . . . God can change your life!
  • Camp was great, I laughed, I cried, and the Holy Spirit was totally flowing through that place, you could just tell He was there. Now I have a better walk with Jesus! I made new friends that helped me get through some stuff. I think one of my favorite parts of camp was the group reflection time, because we shared personal stuff with each other and got to know each other better, and they helped me understand some stuff that i have going on in my life.
  • God has really changed me. He has removed all temptation from my life and since camp I haven’t really even wanted to look at porn, which was an addiction I fought for over three years. It truly is amazing how He works!
  • This year at camp the Lord opened my eyes even more and I’ll never be the same.