Lodges – $170,000
6 Cabins Still Available – 2 Provided
Each cabin will have adequate space to sleep 56 people comfortably.  Equipped with 8 showers, 6 toilets, and large dressing areas.  Every year thousands of students, adult leaders, and others will stay here as they come to Waters Edge Encampment to meet with the Lord.  These cabins are really nice!  Jireh and Nissi are the first of 8 cabins that will house individuals during their stay at Waters Edge.

Lakeside Cabins – $40,000
6 Available – 3 Available
The lakeside cabins each hold 16 campers and have the perfect view of Eagle Lake. We have already built 3 cabins, but are looking to complete 3 more. These cabins have been described as the “coziest” on campus.

General Purpose Meeting Rooms – $500,000
2 Available
This multipurpose building will contain 6 breakout rooms and 1 large meeting room. It will be the “hub” of the the first camp area. The large meeting room will have a seating capacity for 250 people, including a raised stage area. This building will be fully equipped with a sound and video system and will be used daily for Bible studies, programs, and other events.  There is enough room in this building for a worship area, breakout rooms, and staff planning areas.

Amphitheater – $75,000
1 Available
The amphitheater will be designed to seat 500 people. It will contain a covered stage, water features, and will be used for Bible studies, worship services, concerts, and other programs.

Open Air Pavilions – $50,500
2 Available
40 X 75 Open air pavilions will be concreted, outfitted with picnic tables, seating, and covered.  These areas will be used for small group bible studies, picnicking, small worship services, and other programs.

2 Available
The WEE lodges will be set up for families and small groups, complete with a central meeting area for worship and prayer.

Worship Center – $1,250,000
The WEE Worship Center will seat 750 people comfortably and will be the largest meeting area on our first campus.  We are expecting unbelievably incredible and supernatural moments to occur on our entire campus, but particularly under the roof of this building.  As the body meets for mutual edification, many of our greatest moments of gathering will occur here.

Cafeteria – $2,750,000
The WEE “Filling Station” will be a full service kitchen that will initially be geared towards serving 500 campers, with the ability for expansion in the future as the Lord leads.  The “Filling Station” will be placed near the dam of the lake and will have an incredible view of the entire campus.

WEE Cooking Staff Living Quarters – $150,000
With such irregular hours, Waters Edge is going to have a separate building to house those who serve at the camp through the cafeteria.  This building will have 10 individual rooms for those workers who go unseen and yet work realllllllly hard during camp season.

Prayer Garden – $75,000
The WEE Prayer Garden is going to have multiple paths, complete with seating areas, that merge to a rock faced outdoor prayer center.  Each prayer path will be completed with interactive prayer areas where individuals will be directed in prayer towards the Lord.  The serenity of this area will be unmatched and we feel this will be one of the most treasured areas at Waters Edge.

Recreational Opportunities

GaGa Ball Pits – 2 Available – Click Here to See Picture2 Provided

Dodgeball Arena – 1 Available – Drawing Coming Soon!
The Dodgeball Arena will be a fenced in area for campers to utilize for team dodgeball during camp and retreats.  It will be surrounded by a chain-link fence and floored with turf we received from a local football field.

Extreme Dodgeball Arena – 1 Available – Drawing Coming Soon!
The Extreme Dodgeball Arena will be a large field surrounded by chain link fence, bunkers located throughout, and bins for dodgeballs.  It will be utilized for capture the flag, individual dodgeball,

High Ropes Course – 185,000
1 available
4 sided obstacle with dual zip lines, various high ropes obstacles

Basketball Courts – $35,000 concrete has been poured and now we are just needing the finances to construct the covering!
75 X 100
Each basketball court will be a full-size concrete and covered area with 6 basketball goals.

Baseball Field – 1 Available – 1/2 provided
Each baseball field will have a chain-link backstop, baseline length chain-link fence, and bases.

Football Field – 1 Available
The WEE Football Field will have two field goals, two small stands, a small outdoor scoreboard, snack shack, and outdoor restrooms to service the entire rec area.

Soccer Fields – 1 Available – Drawing Coming Soon!

Paintball Fields – 1 Available – Drawing Coming Soon!

Blob World / Lake Games- 1 Available

Aquatic Center – 1 Available – Drawing Coming Soon!

Sand Volleyball Complex – $35,000
Click Here to View Drawing
The sand volleyball complex will feature 4 volleyball courts, complete with outdoor lighting, concrete viewing area, tiki huts, and several other items.  This area will be used for recreational purposes, as well as Luau theme nights, and small group meeting areas on the ends.