Head Staff

The WEE Team is made up of a host of people who give their time, energy, and much, much more to the Lord as they serve with Waters Edge.  All Staff serve on a volunteer basis.


Mikey OsborneMinistry Director
(936) 546-0700
Mikey is our head director. He casts vision, sets unrealistic deadlines, and comes up with all kinds of crazy ideas!
Michael NortonGrounds
(936) 546-0700
Michael manages and overseas all of the groundskeeping and fleet management for Waters Edge

Support Staff

Although we cannot list them all, there are tons of individuals who serve at Waters Edge on a consistent basis – without them, nothing would happen!  They give their time, energy, vacation, money, and heart to serving the Lord in all kinds of capacities.

Angie OsborneReailty Checker
Better known as Momma Fine...Angie is Mikey's wife and serves as the voice of reason in most circumstances. Additionally, she is involved in almost every aspect of the camp - from cooking, registration, engineering, you name it. Mikey thinks she's awesome.
Carl BrownMechanical Resccue Team
Carl rescues stuck equipment, provides clarity of vision, serves as a board member, makes fun of Mikey, and moves buildings
Jon WichersHead Kitchen
(936) 546-0700
Jon moves stuff, breaks stuff, and breaks stuff!
Brandi AdamsFaithful Servant
Brandi, like others, has served in almost every capacity as well: change bringer, grubmaster, small group leader, and always there when we need her.
Kenny BushCarpenter / Executive Board Member
Kenny Bush is a carpenter, incredible preacher, full of wisdom, board member, and keeps Josh humble!