Head Staff

The WEE Team is made up of a host of people who give their time, energy, and much, much more to the Lord as they serve with Waters Edge.  All Staff serve on a volunteer basis.


Mikey OsborneMinistry Director
(936) 546-0700
Mikey is our head director. He casts vision, sets unrealistic deadlines, and comes up with all kinds of crazy ideas!
Josh LindseyCamp Manager
Krisann WatsonAccounting / Public Relations
(936) 546-0700
Krisann manages finances, group communication, and all public relations

Support Staff

Although we cannot list them all, there are tons of individuals who serve at Waters Edge on a consistent basis – without them, nothing would happen!  They give their time, energy, vacation, money, and heart to serving the Lord in all kinds of capacities.

Angie OsborneReailty Checker
Better known as Momma Fine...Angie is Mikey's wife and serves as the voice of reason in most circumstances. Additionally, she is involved in almost every aspect of the camp - from cooking, registration, engineering, you name it. Mikey thinks she's awesome.
David BirdsongInfrastructure Manager
David Birdsong is the king of dirt, painting, and common sense.
Belinda HinsonGrubmaster / Finder of Junk
Belinda serves as a grubmaster, finder of free stuff, and last minute supply life-saver.
Carl BrownMechanical Resccue Team
Carl rescues stuck equipment, provides clarity of vision, serves as a board member, makes fun of Mikey, and moves buildings
Emilee BrooksPhotographer / Video
Emilee makes the best camp videos ever
Rubi HernandezServant / Lead Encourager
Rubi is amazing - she has served in every single capacity at Waters Edge. On top of her servant heart, she is a prayer warrior, and dedicated servant of the Lord!
Jeremy WilsonCreative Manager
Jeremy serves in just about every role possible, has 20 jobs, and even does Spoken Word
Jenni ShartleGrubmaster
Jenni has served since day 1. If you've been to a WEE Camp you have tasted the fruit of all of her hard work every time you eat. Her and her husband, Wade Shartle serve at the camp in various capacities.
Matthew CastroCounselor
Matthew is a man of prayer, makes great tamales, and always has corny jokes. He first came as a camper and now serves every summer.
Jocelyn Bradford
Jocelyn sings, cooks, makes funny videos, and likes laffy taffy.
Justin LumbrerazFirst Glance Ministry
Justin provides comedic relief, brains, otter elimination, and the best shirts ever!
Cannon EarpMinister of Sarcasm
(936) 546-0700
Cannon is a coach at local high school, writes WEE literature, and puts Josh Lindsey in his place
Sharon KenleyMagic Maker
Sharon is the magic maker, she does stage designs, serves as a grubmaster, and takes care of the WEE Team
Briana BoothLead Servant
Briana always finds a way to serve, sets up the best photo booths ever, always smiles, and encourages everyone at all times
Wade ShartleHead Dirt Mover / Radio Controller / Incredible Carpenter
Wade possess super human abilities in just about every imaginable manner and is waiting on Mikey to fulfill the promise of sitting down and having a glass of sweet tea together at WEE
Samantha EarpRegistration / Hip Hop Dancer
Samantha gives reality checks, make up advice, registration, grubmasters, and hip hop dances.
Jon WichersFacilities Manager
(936) 546-0700
Jon moves stuff, breaks stuff, and breaks stuff!
Brandi AdamsFaithful Servant
Brandi, like others, has served in almost every capacity as well: change bringer, grubmaster, small group leader, and always there when we need her.
Dan LeonardPathway Ministry Director
Dan heads up Pathway Minsitries, an incredible ministry allowing kids to go hunting at WEE while teaching them important biblical lessons.
Jessica LindseyQueen of Registration
Jessica helps with group contact, registration, and supplying tomorrows free labor with four children.
Kenny BushCarpenter / Executive Board Member
Kenny Bush is a carpenter, incredible preacher, full of wisdom, board member, and keeps Josh humble!
Will WatsonYeah