January 23, 2012


Friday, we spent most of the morning marking all the boundary lines around the property. We are surrounded by National Forest, so it is important to make sure everyone understands where the boundaries are. Needless to say, purple paint was splashed all over the place! And, wow . . . Josh Lindsey and paint . . . don’t really get along. By lunch time, his face was nearly covered in as much paint as the boundary lines! Entertaining to say the least.

We moved quite a few things out to the cabin Friday as well. We are officially moved into one office, so lots of furniture was either moved to storage or out to the cabin. It was exciting to see couches, bookshelves, chairs, lamps, etc being moved in. As goofy as that sounds, I can’t explain how glorious it was. Amidst Mikey’s fake groans about having to move too much by himself, it spoke to how the Lord was taking us one step closer. . . One step closer to seeing that property crawling with students, youth pastors, pastors, volunteers, church staff, and whoever else the Lord brings there for one purpose—to meet with Him. Cant wait!

-WEE Staff


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