The Refuge

The inside of Cabin 0 has been officially completed.  As many of you know, we used this cabin last year for housing students during camp.  Unfortunately, this cabin is located in a different area of our camp, and travel back and forth from this cabin to the main area was extremely difficult. After hauling students back and forth on a trailer, we realized real fast that the cabin had to be converted soon.  The Refuge now holds 22 people and has a full service kitchen and a nice living area.  During the summer our staff will utilize the building, but during the retreat season, it will be the home for pastors and leaders to renew their walk with the Lord.

Our ultimate goal for this cabin is to be a place of refuge for pastors and leaders that are tired, hurting, or needing some time of solitude with the Lord.  It is our sincere desire to see pastors restored in the Lord and, in turn, the pulpits from which they preach.  You can learn more about Project Restore by clicking here.

We still desperately need to begin construction on a meeting room and a cabin so we can function properly this summer.  Although the grants did not come through the way we intended, we are are believing the Lord is going to extraordinarily bless us the next couple of weeks.  If you would like to invest in the lives of people coming to camp to meet with the Lord, there is no better way than helping us during the formation of these integral buildings.