To do list for “Cabin 0”


WEE has been working hard to get our cabin ready, but much work is still left to be done. Here is an exhaustive list of every single detail left to be done; yes every single detail, no matter how small! As you will see, many of the things left to be finished are small “odds and ends” jobs. But WEE still needs your help! The faster WEE gets this accomplished, the sooner the Lord can begin to send pastors, youth, youth leaders, and many more to be revived and refreshed in His Presence!

Living Room:

  • Paint
  • Wrap the metal beams in cedar
  • Re-caulk windows/floors
  • Take down drapes/rods
  • Take out A/C—replace with window
  • Change Receptacle
  • Purchase and hang new fan
  • Pull all nails out of the wall
  • Change out lighting
  • Fix smoke detector
  • Change out light switches/face plates
  • Put down 1×4 base boards
  • Remove speaker wire/brackets
  • Cut carpet section going into the kitchen
  • Replace all door locks/handles to outside
  • Put keypad lock on front door
  • Cap gas lines


  • Remove separating wall
  • Re-run electrical wire under house
  • Caulk sub-floor
  • Remove cabinets
  • Reset the island (bar)
  • Put in new countertops
  • Purchase and Install new dining room set
  • Light fixtures
  • New flooring

Back of House

  • New light fixture
  • Add another light fixture
  • Run conduit and electrical line off of back porch (light for new deck area)

Big Porch

  • Screen
  • Paint/Stain/Seal Floor
  • Remove the fan
  • Hang new lighting


  • Paint light fixture
  • Purchase/Install new top fixture


  • Install security lights in eaves of cabin
  • Tar roof screws

Utility Room

  • Paint
  • Remove brackets
  • Get rid of washer/dryer
  • Purchase/Install deep stainless steel sink
  • Purchase a freezer
  • Purchase/Install ice machine
  • Pipe and drain ice machine
  • Better lighting


  • New fixture
  • Paint
  • Fix leak
  • Take out nails in the wall

Master Bedroom

  • Paint
  • Remove nails in the wall
  • Caulk
  • Fix small hole in wall
  • Replace switches/receptacles
  • New light fixture

Master Bathroom

  • Plug hole above shower
  • New faucet/sink
  • New light fixture
  • Paint
  • Replace shower head/knobs
  • Run receptacle in sink area
  • Floor
  • Paint
  • New sink area

Bathroom 2

  • Caulk
  • Paint
  • Floor
  • New faucet
  • New fixture
  • New vent
  • New sink area

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