January 12, 2012

Hey Weeps,

I’ve got one word for you guys- PROGRESS! Slowly, but surely, we are moving forward with getting things cleaned up. The kitchen floor has been ripped up in the cabin, power washing has begun, and trees are being trimmed by the dozen! Today, we met with a few different people to get costs on leveling the cabin, so once that gets taken care of, we can get to work on fixing up the inside of the cabin! So anyone who wants to help decorate, paint, clean, or totally remodel, WEE will have some work for you soon!

We are in discussion about what work needs to be done on our lake, both with the dam and the spillway. Hopefully going to get a dozer in there soon to fix things up. Beavers are also causing all kinds of ruckus around the lake, so a trapper will be called in soon! Even with countless things still left to do, WEE staffers can already envision groups of students coming in for retreats, and pastors spending a few days away from all the busyness, leaving refreshed and hungry! Can’t wait!

WEE Staff

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