WEE Consecration / Cleanup – January 2, 2012

Hey Guys,

The sound of chain saws, crackling fires, and trees falling can finally be heard all over WEE’s property! WEE is really excited about what the Lord has coming up, especially after the gathering we had just this past week. On December 27th, a group of about 20 people gathered to pray over and consecrate the property the Lord has recently given us. To say it was simply awesome would still be an understatement!

Our next step is to continue asking the Lord for our next move. Many decisions are coming up as to what, where, and when facilities need to go up, as well as what WEE can start doing with the property immediately. The possibilities are endless! Please continue to pray for the Lord to provide, not just financially, but also to continue to provide vision, direction, and passion for the things coming in the very near future!

More pictures of the progress WEE is making on the property will be up soon!

WEE Staff

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